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The evolution of Computer Languages
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Education
Hey guys, Here's a very interesting article: Cosmin | Pixelfind
July 29, 2011
Browser Test
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Education
Hello, Let's see a good video that compares all the major browsers out there: Cosmin | Pixelfind
June 24, 2011
10 Fireworks Tutorials You Most Likely Already Know
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Education
Hello folks, I'm attaching a few (10) Fireworks tutorials. You should already know them, so.. enjoy. 1. Circular Shadows & Highlights 2. Pixelate Effect Tutorial 3. Dot Matrix Effect 4. Sticky Notes 5. Light Effects 6. Vista Like Wallpapers 7. Creating Fading Light Vectors 8. Rapid Fire #1: Photo Realistic 9. Create a Night Scene 10. Water Drop Cosmin | Pixelfind
May 28, 2011
Browser Share in June
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Education
Hey guys, I am attaching a graphic to show you the browser share of the market for June 2011. Cosmin | Pixelfind
July 22, 2011
CSS Tricks
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Education
Hello. I have in my bookmark list a very useful site, with some CSS tricks. As anybody that has worked in CSS with Internet Explorer knows, you can have all sort of weird errors or different problems that you don't expect with it. You can find some very good explications, for example, for the eternal 'min-width' problem in Internet Explorer, the 'text-transform' one and more. So, enjoy.
June 07, 2011